Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saturdays and Sundays results

Somerset 12 def Launceston City 1

Launceston United 0 lost to Riverside 5 (united 3 men sent off)

Final Scores.
Vic League Rangers 1 (Edwards) Olympia 1 (Mearns) HT 0:1

Rangers 2 (Hamilton, Collins) Devonport 2 (McGinn) HT 0:1

League 1 Rangers 2 Devonport 2

U18s Rangers 3 def Devonport 0

Women Rangers 3 lost Devonport 7

Sundays results

Ulvetstone 3 (C.Vaughn, K.Baldock, J.Lang) def Prospect Knights 0.
HT 0-2.
Vanasch sent off after 70 minutes.

League 1. Prospect 3 lost Ulverstone 4.

U18s Pospect 1 lost Ulverstone 6


  1. Wow 4 red cards this weekend in Premier League, are the refs getting tougher?

  2. I believe the overall standard of the league is dropping. The current coaches are not changing any styles of play, they continue to coach in the ways of the past and this combined with the increase in younger players is having a detrimental effect on the standards.
    We really need all the coastal coaches to lift their coaching efforts to create a higher standard of play. The old ways are no longer providing either the entertainment value spectators expect or pushing the current players to play at a higher level. I continue to see players who are capable of exception football play rubbish. It is so disappointing.
    If we want our league to get stronger, which it needs to do to compete with Victory League, then we must raise the bar higher.

    1. I don't think the level of coaching on the coast is as bad as you first think! You shouldn't judge the majority based on the result of the last game (v Laun City). Yes, they may still be playing the same style they have done for years, which is obviously not working, but if you look at all the coastal clubs and their coaches I think the NW Coast is leading the way in terms of coaches and styles of play of their respective teams. The coaching staff at Dev are all very well educated and have adopted the philosophy of the National Curriculum, encouraging attractive football, the coaches at Ulv have had to deal with starting from scratch with a bunch of new players and are still striving to play a good brand of football as well as remaining competitive, once again Somerset are up there when it comes to putting a quality side on the park each week, and as far as Burnie are concerned, haven't seen them this year so can't comment. All in all, I think the coastal sides are heading in the right direction.

    2. I disagree, yes Devonport have the advantage that several of their coaches had to do the top course and this no doubt is the basis that they pass down. But Ulverstone and Burnie are both coached by old past players and Somerset is coached by a first time coach with no training. As I said all these teams have players who are excellent ball controllers and in most cases accurate passers and fit as , but they all play without system and this creates ugly football. I make no comment on Lonnie teams as I don't get to see them enough.

  3. What a great shame to see Richard Welsh go. He had strong coastal connections and a soft spot for coastal clubs, now its a wait and see who his replacement will be. Let's hope not a Hobart centric.