Monday, 9 April 2012

State Wide Cup Results

Northern Rangers 0 lost to Clarence United 3 (Emmanuel Tsakiris 35′, Hedge 75′, Cairns 77′) [Mitsubishi Park]

 South Hobart 4 (Brennan 3, Merkuzic) defeated University 1 (Patrick Watts) [Darcy Street]

Kingborough Lions 4 (McDonald 28′, Pearce T 60′, Marchioli 69′, Palmer 90′) defeated Ulverstone 0 [Warrior Park]

Hobart United 3 lost to Olympia Warriors 5 (Woolley 3, Kumpelienan, Meredith)  [Pontville]

Glenorchy Knights 3 (Marney, Letiko 2) defeated Beachside 0 [KGV Park]
Devonport City 3 (Mulraney 2, Gratton) lost to Tilford Zebras 5 (Welch 2, Engels 2, Walsh) [Valley Road]

Launceston City 3 (Duncan, Macri, Goodwin) 2 v Taroona 5 (James, Hamilton 2, Dove, Loftus) [Mitsubishi Park]


  1. Good riddens T League.

    Not a good promotion of NPL,but surely that assures we wont be having a T League in 2013

  2. The start of the Northern season has a lot to do with the results.

    Most of the Hobart sides have had 3-4 Premier League Games already, where in the North we've only had one and if you started with the bye then the statewide cup is your first real hit out in a competitive match.

    The NPL should start ealier to give us a better chance of progress!!

  3. AnonymousApr 9, 2012 03:56 PM

    North West clubs played SIX pre season games each - surely they were not 'under prepared' ?

    All Southern clubs were backing up on the Monday after playing on the Saturday - should have evened out one would think?

    T League is still the best option for improving standards across the state - but needs the PLAYERS in the North & North-West to want to be part of it for it to succeed.

  4. The standard of the game in the North has proved once again lower than the south
    whether we like to admit it or not.What the North is better from the South is, that we pay the same amount of money to FFT and only get some sort of rosters in return.What else do the clubs and players up here get[seniors and juniors]apart from fines and increase in affiliation and registration fees every year[You sometimes feel that the officials are employed as TAX COLLECTORS for FFT.]
    MAY GOD HELP THE CLUBS AS FFT WILL NOT> and because I believe in what I say from experience, I am not shy in putting my name.

  5. Anon 2:53

    You idiot

    Anon 3:36

    Spot on

  6. Great to see the Somerset Ladies get through despite only 10 players backing up after the Lonnie city game from Saturday, this is now 4 years without a home draw in the cup!
    Hope they come out first next round.

  7. Love it or hate it, the T League wont happen.

    FFT wont get the sponsor ship needed. $10k to enter is too steep, and we in the north arent ready period.

    Lets end this state league crap once and for all.

    Let them rename the SPL the T league.

  8. Seriously, do players want to play at a high level or just kick about with their mates and then go to AFL?

  9. Anon @ 9:35. Mate you obviously don;t play or you'd know that practice matches and preseason tournaments are totally different to competitive premier league matches.

    The NW guys especially playing each other twice is not adequate preparation to play SPL sides in the Round of 16!!

    It's not so long ago that the north smashed the south in the north v south games with the north team completely hung over :D

    1. I can definitely vouch for Northern Rep team hangover comment. I think the difference between North and South at a Senior level is largely irrelevant as most (note I say most - not all) Premier League players in both parts of the state are technically deficient in one way or another.
      You need to look at the makeup of under 14 State Teams and who is doing well at an under age regional level to discern any differnce between the 2 regions, and there are some strong indicators to suggest that the tide is turning, as it is in all regional areas across Australia. Immigration from Europe to Metropolitan cities has declined considerably since the 1970s and Tassie is no different. This factor alone has a massive impact on where the 'good' players come from.

      Rod Andrews

  10. Anon 5:36

    Football here in Tassie will never be played at a "high level". If you're any good you'll have been groomed from a young age and move interstate or you'd move interstate or overseas to pursue your ambitions at a "high level" - you definitely wouldn't stay in Tasmania